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1. Who is considered a resident?
2. What documentation do I need in order to obtain resident permits (stickers)?
3. What about my driver’s license or my insurance card?
4. What if my car is not registered to my Southold address?
5. Do I need to show my registration every year?
6. Will you accept a utility bill to prove residency?
7. Can a sticker be used for more than one vehicle?
8. Do I need a sticker for both my car and for the trailer I’m towing?
9. Are my children entitled to a resident sticker?
10. Can I purchase Guest Permits for friends as well as family?
11. Am I entitled to permits if I am a seasonal renter?
12. What if my stickers get lost or fall off my bumper?
13. If I purchase a different vehicle can I exchange the old stickers for new ones free of charge?