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  1. Change of Address - Tax Roll

    Change of Address - Tax Roll

  1. Exemption Applications - Electronic Filing

    The Southold Town Board has passed a resolution allowing the electronic filing of Exemption Applications. The Southold Town Board of... More…

Code Enforcement

  1. Town Code Complaint Form

    Please use this form to report alleged Town Code violations to Code Enforcement. Such violations include but are not limited to noise,... More…

Deer Management

  1. Town of Southold Deer Management Survey

    On behalf of the Town of Southold, we would like to thank you for your participation in this survey. Expressing interest in these... More…

Emergency Preparedness

  1. Special Needs

    Special Needs Evacuation Individuals are those individuals requiring transportation assistance during an evacuation. Homebound... More…

  1. Volunteers Needed

    Shelter volunteers are needed to assist the Town's Office of Emergency Management during an emergency. If you would like to help us,... More…


  1. Southold Park Facilities Use Request Form

    Application for use for the Southold Town Park Facilities

  1. Southold Recreation Department Facilities Use Request Form

    Application for use for the Southold Town Recreation Center Facilities

Solid Waste

  1. Solid Waste Online Billing Request Form

    Solid Waste Online Billing / Account System subscribers will be able to easily monitor and manage account activity. Use this form to... More…

Town Clerk

  1. Request for Public Records

    Instructions: Please complete this form and then submit it. A copy will then be sent to the Town Clerk's Office (agency Freedom of... More…