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1. Where does Southold post information on the COVID-19 virus?
2. I have an elderly relative/friend in the area. Does the Town deliver meals to them? What other assistance is available for them?
3. How do I make arrangements for food shopping and other supplies I might need?
4. I am not supposed to leave my house because I have medical conditions that make me more vulnerable. Who can I contact for assistance?
5. What can I do to help?
6. I have questions in regards to Post office, Pharmacy or other issues.
7. I see non Essential work going on in Southold. Who should I call?
8. What is Southold doing about Spring Clean-up?
9. I have my garbage picked up by a local carter but I am running out of yellow bags. Where can I get them?
10. I have questions concerning a building permit and a CO that was being reviewed by the Building Department. How can I obtain an updated status on them?
11. Are the town beaches open to the public?
12. NYS requires us to have a mask and to cover up. I don’t have one.
13. ¿Dónde publica Southold información sobre el virus COVID-19?
14. Are weddings, parties and large gatherings allowed under the phase 3/phase 4 guidelines?