What is the Anti-bias Task Force?
The ABTF promotes and advocates heterogeneity, rapport, and acceptance on the North Fork. "As the town of Southold is enriched by the diversity of its population," read the 1995 resolution, "no form of bias, bigotry, or prejudice is acceptable in Southold." Consequently "an affirmative program of anticipating and reducing intergroup tensions, promoting community harmony, and fostering respect and tolerance is in the best interests of Southold Town." Cordiality plus a spirit of pulling together are thus both essential and welcomed. Therefore, "the goal of the Southold Town Anti-bias Task Force is to plan and implement programs to promote intergroup harmony, reduce prejudice, foster respect and tolerance, and shall advise the Town Board on the appropriate responses to bias-related issues and incidents whenever necessary."

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1. What is the Anti-bias Task Force?