Can I register for a program over the phone and pay later?
Sorry, we cannot hold spots in programs without payment. This causes too many problems with people forgetting to pay or changing their minds.Online Recreation Portal

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1. Am I entitled to permits if I am a seasonal renter?
2. What are the office hours for your main office
3. Where exactly is your office located?
4. How do I get program literature about the Department?
5. Can I enroll my child in a class that they are too young for? How strict are ages enforced?
6. How do I register a concern or a complaint?
7. Can I register for a program online using my credit card?
8. Can I register for a program over the phone and pay later?
9. What is the refund and registration policy? 
10. I don’t live in the Town of Southold, but would like to participate in one of your offerings. Is this possible?
11. How do I forward an idea for a new activity that I’d like to see offered…or one that I would like to teach? 
12. Can I rent the Recreation Center for a birthday party, anniversary, graduation party or other personal events?
13. Does the Recreation Center have tables and/or chairs available for public use?
14. My children are taking swimming lessons this year through the recreation department and I need directions to the beach?
15. What documentation do I need in order to obtain resident permits (stickers)?
16. Where can I obtain a sticker to park at a town beach?
17. Where are the town beaches located?
18. I am a resident of the Town of Southold (Laurel – Orient)...does my Town of Southold beach sticker permit me to park at any of the park district beaches?