Duties of the Assessor

The assessors prepare an assessment roll of all real property, vacant and improved, within the Town of Southold, establishing the condition, value and taxable status of each parcel of property. The valuations determined by the assessors are then used to apportion the amount of the Town, County and school taxes to be levied against each parcel of real estate. 

Important Dates for the Assessors 2024 Calendar.

  • Taxable Status Date: March 1 
  • Tentative Roll: May 1
  • Grievance Day: May 21
  • Final Roll: July 1

Services Available

Assessed Value: The assessed value reflects a percentage of current market values. The assessment roll lists the assessed value for each parcel in the Town, organized by a parcel identification number. In addition to the assessment, the assessment roll lists the type of property, property size and any exemptions currently being received by the owner.

Property Record Cards: There is an inventory card for all real property within each municipality. The data on the property cards include but is not limited to detailed information on the improvements located on the property, sales history, building permit numbers, and a sketch of the building(s) footprint.

Sales Data: Sales transfer records are recorded at the County level and at the local level through this office.


There are a variety of real property tax exemptions administered through this office, which you may or may not be eligible for. Below is a list of exemptions currently available. All exemptions are due by March 1st of each year. Click on the exemption below for qualifications, click here for the exemption/application forms page.

 STAR Credit
All new STAR applicants beginning 3/2/2015 must register with New York State Department of Taxation and Finance by either calling (518)457-2036 or going online at or click here for additional program information.

Property Tax Relief Credit
For information on this program please go online to:

 Change of Mailing Address
To ensure that our assessment records reflect the most current mailing address and to ensure that our tax bills are sent to the correct address, please notify this office of any mailing address change. Click here to update your mailing address online.