Compost & Woodchip Products

Availability of Compost & Woodchips

The compost site produces a range of products that it returns to the taxpayers for the free residential program, as well as for sale at reasonable competitive prices. These are all natural, locally generated, highly organic matter that contribute to healthy soils and plants, and reduce the need for chemical fertilizers. They are priced according to the processing effort required to produce them. These products are:
  • Shredded brush
  • Double-ground woodchips
  • Screened leaf compost / mulch
  • Screened wood chips
  • Shredded leaves
  • Unscreened leaf compost / mulch

Residents are entitled to a total combined weight of 500 pounds per year of compost or woodchips. After 500 pounds, these items are priced. Shredded brush is brush that is “pre-processed”, i.e., shredded in pieces up to 6” or 8” in length. When re-ground, it becomes double-ground woodchips. Shredded brush is free, when available. You do not have to be a town resident to purchase compost or mulch.

Picking Up/Loading

Residents with cars or vans must come prepared to shovel compost and mulch into their own containers. Most people use garbage cans for this purpose. You must bring your own shovel.
Compost site personnel will load any truck free of charge with a bucket loader. Only open trucks will be loaded, THIS SERVICE IS PROVIDED ON WEEKDAYS ONLY. We will not load vehicle trunks or any cans or pails, nor will vehicles be loaded on Saturdays or Sundays. Please note: When loading, no specific weight can be guaranteed. Those wishing to take no more than their free 500 pounds must load their own vehicles.

The use of local, organic compost strengthens your plants, improve our soils, and reduce the need for and thus the negative impacts from fertilizers and herbicides.

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