Submission Process

Appeals Submission Process

  • Typical submission for processing shall include an original application and seven (eight sets total) or nine sets for waterfront or freshwater wetland or commercial parcels.
  • Current Notice of Disapproval: from the Building dept. dated within the last 60 days, along with the survey/site plan filed with the Building dept.
  • Application Form: with owner’s address and telephone number, signed by the owner before a notary public. (If the applicant is not an owner, a written consent is required from the owner authorizing another person to sign in behalf of the owner along with the owner’s mailing address and telephone number) Provide copies of all covenants and restrictions on your property if any exist
  • Owner's Consent: if applicant is not the owner
  • Copies of all CO’s or Pre-CO: covering all structures on the property
  • Project Description Form: please explain your project and attach additional pages as an addendum, if desired.
  • Questionnaire Form
  • Agricultural Data Form: please call the office for actively farmed parcels within 500 feet of your project. Required for ALL applications.
  • Transactional Disclosure Form(s): signed by the owner and another signed by the agent (if applicable)
  • SEQRA form: Applicant to complete page one only
  • Survey/Site Plan: Surveyor must show proposed and existing setbacks, patios/driveways, wetland-bank-bluffs and buffers, parcel size with square footage landward of CZM and top of bluff with lot dimensions, dimensions of new construction, fences, tanks, overhangs, chimney, cesspool locations, etc. (If your project involves lot coverage exceeding 20% of buildable area, a licensed surveyor must calculate square footage of all buildable areas using reduced lot size as per code, either on an updated SURVEY or in a letter attached to the plot or site plan.) Please give distances between new/ proposed construction to property lines, nearest wetland or bulkhead, top of the bank or bluff, and overhangs exceeding 18”. No hand drawn surveys will be accepted when altered by others. Surveys submitted must show all existing (as built) structures and proposed improvements as certified by a licensed surveyor, engineer or architect
  • Building Plans: Including elevations and height measured from the average grade
  • Bed and Breakfast and Accessory Apartment Applications: please include a diagram of floor plan layout, identifying bedrooms for owner or guests, and describe other rooms. Please provide the size of livable floor areas for each area
  • Recent Photos: of the staked area proposed for construction, and yard areas under consideration are helpful, especially for areas between the new construction and boundary lines (such as boundary of road, or edge of wetlands, high-water mark)
  • LWRP Form: for water front or properties within 100 feet of wetlands. Required for ALL applications, if not waterfront or within wetlands complete first two pages only
  • Town Property Assessment Card: obtained from the Assessor's Office
  • Filing Fee: check payable to the Town of Southold. Please see the fee schedule with application forms, or call before submitting your application once a written Notice of Disapproval has been received