Historic Preservation Commission


Member Term Expires
Robert Harper March 31, 2021
Anne Surchin, Vice Chairperson 
March 31, 2024
Edward Webb
March 31, 2021
Mariella Ostroski, Chairperson  March 31, 2024
Fabiola Santana  March 31, 2025
Kim Fuentes, Coordinator    
Supervisor Scott A. Russell, Town Board Liaison


The vision of the Historic Preservation Commission is to ensure that the town’s essential character and historical significance are maintained through the preservation of its 17th, 18th, 19th and early 20th century architectural, historic and cultural treasures.


The mission of the Historic Preservation Commission is to afford proper recognition to the town’s historic landmarks and to protect them from incompatible alterations or demolition. Doing so will maintain them for the continuing recognition, use, and enjoyment of current and future residents and visitors of the town.

The commission will meet these objectives by:
  • Emphasizing as a statement of local policy that the conservation, protection, enhancement, and preservation of local designated landmarks is necessary to promote the cultural, economic, educational, and general welfare of the town’s residents
  • Encouraging the identification and recognition of historic resources which represent distinctive elements of the town’s historic, architectural, and cultural heritage
  • Providing for the careful, thoughtful and informed evaluation of any proposed alteration, demolition, or removal of the visible facades of any designated local historic landmark
  • Promoting heritage tourism


Meeting agendas and minutes can be obtained using our document management porthole in a folder called committees.

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