Fishers Island Harbor Committee


Member Term Expires
Frank Bohlen, F.I. Yacht Club / Off Island March 31, 2024
Elbert M. Burr Jr., Chairman, West Harbor Property Owner March 31, 2023
Geb Cook, Fishers Island Conservancy March 31, 2020
Reynolds duPont Jr., Pirate's Cove Marine / Goose Island March 31, 2020
Leslie Goss, F.I. Lobstermen's Association March 31, 2024
Peter Rugg, F.I. West Harbor
March 31, 2024
Tom Patterson March 31, 2023
Wendy O'Neill (Island People's Project), Fishers Island Harbor Committee March 31, 2024
Aaron Lusker, Fishers Island Fire Department March 31, 2024
Michael Posey (West Harbor Property Owner), Fishers Island Harbor Committee March 31, 2024
Marquerite Purnell, Hay Harbor Property Owner March 31, 2020
Steve Malinowski, Aquaculture / F.I. Fire Department March 31, 2022
Harris Parsons Sr., Fishers Island Club March 31, 2020
Marge Beck, Secretary
Alex Williams
Louisa Evans FI Representative / Justice

Mission Statement

On May 3, 1994 the Fishers Island Harbor Committee was established to develop a plan for all island harbors and town waters adjacent to Fishers Island, including the assignment of mooring and anchorage areas. In addition the committee’s harbor management plan may serve as an addendum of its Local Waterfront Revitalization Plan.

Meeting agendas and minutes can be obtained using our document management portal in a folder called committees.

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