Engineering Department


The Engineering Department performs professional design services and administrative work related to the development and maintenance of Town facilities and Public Works projects. The department is responsible for professional design and consulting services on behalf of the Town Board related to the planning, design, construction, and alteration of town facilities and infrastructure.

Department responsibilities also include establishing technical and organizational policies and procedures for the development, design, analysis, preparation of construction documents, and evaluation of construction projects with respect to their feasibility, cost, economic justification and public necessity.

Government Services
The department also provides engineering services for all town departments related to the formal review of pending applications for proposed construction and/or development projects. The department provides a general review of Planning Board applications and makes recommendations related to Subdivision and Site Plan compliance with Town Code as well as standard engineering practice.

In addition, the Engineering Department plays a major role in the development, implementation, and administration of the Town’s Stormwater Managment Program. This program has been established to both address stormwater runoff concerns town-wide and meet NYSDEC SPDES permitting requirements within the Town's regulated storm sewersheds.