Affordable Housing Review Committee Process

Affordable Housing Review Committee Process

1.    Mission

To review the change of zone application and/or preliminary concept plans, structure, and applicant capability and make a recommendation to continue or not with an application and change of zone to AHD to the Town Board.  

2.    Members

a.    Supervisor and two Town Board Liaisons

b.    Planning Staff and Planning Board Member(s) 

c.    Chair, Housing Advisory Commission 

d.    Chair, Architectural Review Committee 

e.    Chief Building Inspector

3.    Concept Plan Process (This process preliminary reviews the concept of an application)

a.    Direct all affordable housing inquiries that require zone change to the Town Clerk for processing. 

i.    Submission Requirements 

1.    Completed Preliminary Concept Form (New). 

2.    Concept Plan.

ii.    Developer Resume, Portfolio, and Qualifications. 

b.    Town Clerk will notify the Town Board and AHRC of the new concept application.

c.    AHRC meets with applicants; if the AHRC decides to continue with the concept and the zone change, they would make a written recommendation to the Town Board.

d.    If Town Board agrees to proceed, they schedule the concept for a work session. 

i.    Hold a public informational session

ii.    Elect to consider the change of zone

iii.    Elect not to consider the change of zone

e.    If Town Board elects to consider the change of zone then the applicant submits the formal change of zone application to the Town Clerk and the process continues as described in the Town Code 280-29 (This requires more detailed plans and information.).

i.    Request the Planning Board’s & Housing Advisory Commission’s reports 

1.    60-day deadline for the reports

Affordable House Concept Application