Southold Town Comprehensive Plan

Welcome to the new Southold Town Comprehensive Plan, a community-wide effort to plan for the future of the Town of Southold, New York. Whether you're a long-time resident, business-owner, or have recently moved here, your opinions and contributions have been invaluable to this planning process. Click below to see the new plan.

Next Steps

The information gathered through this website, public meetings, and other outreach efforts has been used to create the new Southold Town Comprehensive Plan. The Comprehensive Plan is the official public document to be used to guide the development of our community. This plan provides the basis for the zoning and other land use regulations found in the Town Code and is designed to help shape future Town policy decisions.

The new Comprehensive Plan is fully drafted and ready for public hearings and eventually for adoption by the Town Board.

There will be two opportunities for public comment on the new plan. 

1. Planning Board public hearing. 

Monday, July 29, 2019. 6:00pm. Southold Town Hall

2. Town Board public hearing. Date and time to be announced (target for late summer, early fall 2019)

In addition there will be a series of informational meetings throughout the town during August, 2019 to help inform and prepare the public for the Town Board public hearing. Click here for dates, times and locations.