The Planning Department is comprised of professional planners and office administrators who provide both current and long-range planning services to the Town of Southold. 

Current planning services include providing administrative support and professional review of all subdivision and site plan applications for the Southold Planning Board.  

Long range planning services include updating and implementing the Town Comprehensive Plan, as well as more focused planning studies.

Planning staff are also trained and equipped to provide researched reports, maps, GIS computer mapping and modeling, and draft code language to the Town Board to support their updates and amendments to zoning and the Town Code.


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Southold Planning Board Reports - Monthly and Yearly

  1. From the Southold Town website home page, click on "Weblink" in the bottom left corner.
  2. Next click on the folder "Planning" (or click here to be taken directly to the Planning folder).
  3. Next click on the folder “Reports”.