Justice Court

Southold Town Justice Court

  • Payments can be made in the form of cash, bank check, or online.
  • The court does not accept personal checks.
The Southold Town Justice Court handles thousands of matters each year that occur within the Town of Southold or the Village of Greenport. These matters consist of vehicle and traffic violations, penal law offenses, parking violations, town and village code violations, landlord and tenant cases, civil and small claim actions.  

Complaints are filed from the following agencies:
  • Southold Town Police Department
  • Suffolk County Police Department
  • Suffolk County Sheriff
  • New York State Police
  • Bay Constables
  • Southold Town Building and Zoning 
  • Greenport Village Building and Zoning
  • Department of Environmental Conservation
  • Fire Marshall

Small Claims Information: 

The monetary limitation for small claims actions is $3,000.  The filing fee is $10 for claims $1,000 or less; $15 for claims over $1,000.  The person you are suing must live, work or have a place of business in the Town of Southold.  Corporations and partnerships are not permitted to file small claims but can be sued in the small claims part.   You must fill out this form to file a case with the court.  The Guide to Small Claims is available upon request or by clicking here.  

Landlord/Tenant cases does not have a monetary limit.  

Court personnel are available to answer questions by telephone, email or in person.  Clerks are not allowed to give legal advice and cannot promote or recommend a particular course of action.  

Please note: Cellphones, computers, cameras and other hand held devices are not permitted in the courtroom.

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