Sarah E. Nappa

Town Supervisor / Town Board
Title: Town Board Member
Phone: 631-765-1889
Sarah Nappa

Sarah Nappa is a small business owner, chef, service industry and wine industry professional with a broad agricultural background and experience in educational development. Sarah is owner and farm operator of her home Farm and B&B in Southold with her husband, Anthony, and young sons. They also own a small boutique wine brand and tasting room in Peconic. 

She holds a Bachelor of Agricultural Sciences in Animal & Equine Science from Colorado State University. She studied one year at Lincoln University in Christchurch, New Zealand. She also has a Grand Diplôme in Italian Culinary Arts, graduating first in her class and receiving the service excellence award. And she spent 4 years teaching English as a second language overseas.  

Sarah enjoys skiing, sailing, and riding her horse. True to their Italian roots, she and her husband love food and wine and the bounty that the North Fork has to offer. On their 3-acre home farm they produce almost all of their own food. She raises chickens for eggs, Nigerian Dwarf goats for milk, some animals for meat, and keeps bees. She also has a small orchard and grows fruits and vegetables for their family. Sarah makes her own cheese, bread, and nearly everything else from scratch and is working toward getting their family as self-sustaining as possible. 

Term Ends: December 31, 2023


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