What is the Silver Alert Program?
The Southold Town Police department is now participating in Suffolk County Police Department’s Silver Alert program, which is a new initiative to help people who are suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.

The Silver Alert program offers an I.D. bracelet, free of charge, which is worn by the individual and contains a serial number inscription designed to identify the person who is missing so that he/she can be returned to the family member/caregiver.

To obtain a bracelet, Town residents may either stop at Headquarters and pick up a registration packet maintained in the Dispatch Center or click on the link below for the Suffolk County Police Department, go to Amber/Silver Alert, fill out the form online, attach a picture of the registrant, and return both via email.

Our Town residents registered in the Silver Alert Program will be entered into a Suffolk Countywide database and officers from throughout the county will have access to the database, through the S.C.P.D. Duty Officer, upon finding a registrant with his/her I.D. bracelet.

Suffolk County Police Department

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