Aircraft Noise Steering Committee


Appointment Date
Adam Irving
Appointed 03/31/19
Teresa McCaskie Appointed 03/31/19
Jim Underwood
Appointed 03/31/19
Lynn Summers.
Appointed 03/31/19
Tracy Burgess Levy Appointed 03/31/19
James Harmon, Counsel Appointed 03/31/19
Jack Malley  Appointed 10/6/20
Councilwoman Sarah Nappa, Town Board Liaison
Town Board Liaison

Mission Statement

The Southold Town Aircraft Noise Steering Committee was formed in 2014.   The Committee assists the Town Board in developing strategies to abate aviation noise for all Southold Town residents.  The Committee also provides residents with information on noise, how to file noise complaints, health, safety, property value impacts and other negatives associated with the massive rise in General Aviation on the East End.  It works with other East End community groups towards these same goals.