Shellfish Advisory Committee

Shellfish Advisory Committee Members

Member   Term Expires
Michael Slade March 31,2019
Ray Huntington
March 31,2019
Linda Auriemma March 31,2019
Jim Baker
March 31,2019
Michael Collins
March 31,2019
Mike Domino
March 31,2019
Joseph Hinton March 31,2019
Dean J. Yaxa March 31,2019
Arthur Kretschmer March 31,2019
Jim Papadopolulos
March 31,2019
Karen Rivara March 31,2019 
Michael Sande  March 31,2019
Scientist's Liaison Leonard Llewellyn, Jr. March 31,2019
Town Board Liaison Councilwoman Jill Doherty
Town Trustee Liaison John Bredemeyer  
Laura Arena, Secretary   

Mission Statement

The Shellfish Advisory Committee represents the Town of Southold before the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation and other regulatory agencies relating to the sanitary certification and water quality testing of Town-owned shellfish harvest lands. The committee shall develop local and DEC understanding and validity of the water management methodologies and facilitate the timely certification/re-certification of Town shellfish lands with the goal of improving harvest in Town waters.

Meeting agendas and minutes can be obtained using our document management portal in a folder called committees.

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