Liaisons to Committees


Committee Member
Agricultural Advisory Committee Supervisor Scott A. Russell
Anti-Bias Task Force Supervisor Scott A. Russell
Architectural Councilmen Bob Ghosio
Audit Committee  Supervisor Scott A. Russell and Councilman Jim Dinizio
CAST Supervisor Scott A. Russell
Conservation Advisory
Councilman Jim Dinizio
Deer Management Task Force 
Councilwoman Sarah Nappa
Economic Development
Councilman Bob Ghosio
Helicopter Noise Steering
Councilwoman Sarah Nappa
Historic Preservation Supervisor Scott A. Russell
Housing Advisory Councilwoman Jill Doherty
Land Preservation Councilman Ghosio
Local Development Corporation  Councilwoman Sarah Nappa 
Personnel Supervisor Scott A. Russell & Deputy Supervisor Jill Doherty
Police Advisory
Councilman Dinizio
Recreation Councilman Ghosio
Shellfish Advisory
Counclwoman Doherty
Stormwater Run-Off Councilwoman Doherty and Councilman Ghosio
Transportation Councilwoman Sarah Nappa
Tree Councilwoman Jill Doherty
Water Advisory 
Councilwoman Sarah Nappa
Youth Bureau Councilwoman Sarah Nappa 

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