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The Local Development Corporation (LDC) helps stimulate economic development throughout the Town by assisting local non-profit organizations in enhancing and/or expanding their services to the public.  Local Development Corporations are private, not-for-profit corporations that finance major capital projects and operational expenses for non-profit institutions.

The Town is seeking a candidate with significant experience in financial management to serve as Executive Director for the Local Development Corporation.  As Executive Director, the candidate should have extensive knowledge of the reporting and compliance responsibilities of New York State local development corporation, which are regulated by the NYS OSC and the NYS ABO.  The Executive Director will also be expected to attend all Corporation meetings, not expected to occur more than once a month; prepare agenda and meeting notices in advance and minutes of meetings thereafter; maintain the governance and financial records of the Corporation, with the assistance of the appropriate Board members; act as spokesperson for the Corporation to applicants and borrowers, when so directed by the Board, guide applicants for assistance through the application process and present applications to the Board for assistance; serve as the liaison between the Board of the Corporation and the Town Board and Suffolk County; make all necessary filings into the NYS PARIS filing system to assure compliance with NYS regulations and statutes; intermediate, if necessary, between the Corporation and the NYS ABO and OSC; and represent the Corporation at public hearings or open meetings, as directed by the Board.

Salary would be commensurate with experience, but, if denominated by hours, not be in excess of 15 hours per month.

Interested applicants should send a letter of interest and/or curriculum vitae to:  Elizabeth Neville, Town Clerk, Town Hall, PO Box 1179, Southold, New York by  May 31, 2019. Southold Town is an Equal Opportunity Affirmative Action Employer.